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15 January 2016


  • Study: The economic impact of enforcement of competition policies on the functioning of EU energy markets
    15 January 2016
    This study examines whether EU competition policy enforcement has led to stronger competition in European gas and electricity markets and hence lower prices, higher investment and improved productivity.
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  • Commission Opinion issued in the context of damages action before the High Court of Justice in England and Wales
    29 October 2015
    In the context of a damages action about MasterCard's UK domestic interchange fees, the High Court of Justice in England and Wales asked for the European Commission's opinion on the potential disclosure of documents which MasterCard received through access to the Commission file in the ongoing MasterCard II investigation. The European Commission has now issued an opinion.
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  • Commission approves Ball's acquisition of Rexam, subject to conditions
    15 January 2016
    Following an in-depth review, the Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the acquisition of beverage can manufacturer Rexam by rival Ball, subject to the divestment of 12 plants in the EEA. Ten of these plants produce can bodies, the two others produce can ends.
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  • Commission opens in-depth investigation into acquisition of oilfield service provider Baker Hughes by Halliburton
    12 January 2016
    The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether the proposed acquisition of oilfield service supplier Baker Hughes by rival Halliburton would impede effective competition in breach of the EU Merger Regulation.
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State Aid

  • Commission opens in-depth investigation into alleged aid to two container terminal operators in Port of Antwerp, Belgium
    15 January 2016
    The European Commission has opened an in-depth inquiry into whether reductions in compensation payments granted by the Port of Antwerp to two container terminal operators gave them an undue advantage over competitors, in breach of EU state aid rules.
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  • Commission concludes Belgian "Excess Profit" tax scheme illegal; around €700 million to be recovered from 35 multinational companies
    11 January 2016
    The European Commission has concluded that selective tax advantages granted by Belgium under its "excess profit" tax scheme are illegal under EU state aid rules. The scheme has benefitted at least 35 multinationals mainly from the EU, who must now return unpaid taxes to Belgium. The Belgian "excess profit" tax scheme, applicable since 2005, allowed certain multinational group companies to pay substantially less tax in Belgium on the basis of tax rulings.
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