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25 September 2015


  • Speech by Commissioner Vestager at the ICN Merger Workshop: 'Merger review:Building a global community of practice'
    ICN Merger Workshop – Brussels
    24 September 2015
    "I am convinced that a strong international community of competition enforcers have to be based on a set of shared core values. And I am sure you agree with me that they should comprise impartial application of the rule of law to all companies. Each decision has to be based on a careful analysis of facts. All the relevant facts and nothing but the relevant facts."
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  • Speech by J. Laitenberger "The Digital Single Market, consumers and EU competition policy"
    Competition and Consumer Day, Luxembourg Presidency event
    21 September 2015
    "In time, when a genuine EU-wide Digital Single Market is in place, it could add over €400 billion to the GDP of the Union. The benefits we can bring to consumers in the meantime are important. Consumers will enjoy lower prices, a broader choice, and more innovative products when [..] it’s easier for us all to shop online across the EU’s internal borders."
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  • Commission opens in-depth investigation into Staples' proposed takeover of Office Depot
    25 September 2015
    The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation under the EU Merger Regulation into the acquisition of office supplies distributor Office Depot by its competitor Staples, both of the US. The Commission has concerns that the takeover could lead to price increases and less choice. Both Staples and Office Depot are active in the distribution of office products via a number of sales channels, including wholesale, retail, direct sales (online and catalogue) and national or international supply contracts.
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State aid

  • Commission approves aid for Finland's first LNG terminal
    22 September 2015
    The European Commission has concluded that Finland's plans to grant €23 million of public funding for the construction of a small scale LNG terminal at Pori, in the Satakunta region on Finland's west coast, are compatible with EU state aid rules. The project aims to encourage the use of LNG as fuel for ships, in place of fuel oils and liquefied petroleum gases. The Commission concluded that the project contributes to environmental protection and to the security of gas supply in Finland whilst maintaining competition in the Single Market. Seeking to end the energy isolation of the Baltic Sea Region and to integrate it fully into the EU energy markets is a key building block for the EU’s Energy Union strategy and one of the key priorities of the Juncker Commission.
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  • Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case T-674/11
    TV2/Danmark v Commission and Case T-125/12
    Viasat Broadcasting UK v Commission
    24 September 2015
    The Court ruled on two actions for annulment of a Commission decision of 2011 concerning the financing of the Danish public broadcaster TV2. The Commission's 2011 decision had found that the financing of TV2 between 1995 and 2002 involved state aid in the meaning of the EU rules and that this aid was in line with EU rules on state aid for public broadcasters. TV2 appealed the decision on grounds that the financing involved no state aid. The private broadcaster Viasat appealed the decision contending that the Commission should have found the financing incompatible. The court held that a small portion of TV2's financing, accrued from advertising income, involved no state aid and dismissed the remainder of the actions.
    See Court of Justice case page on the Viasat ruling (EN)>
    See Court of Justice case page on the TV2 ruling (FR)>

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