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EU competition policy in action

This flagship publication gives you a unique insight into what happened in EU Competition Policy in the recent past. This brochure shows how Competition Policy is shaped and implemented. It presents Competition in Action - with interviews and background articles.

2017 2017
DG Competition at a glance
Interview with Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition
Shaping the EU’s Competition Policy: views from DG Competition’s Management
Seizing the benefits of vibrant competition
"Big on big, small on small" - towards a more effective State aid policy
Building a level playing field by tackling selective tax advantages
Enabling innovation across the Digital Single Market
Ensuring competition and investment in the telecoms sector
Unlocking the potential of the European Energy Union
Promoting a competitive food supply chain
Preserving fair competition in the pharmaceutical sector
Protecting competition in financial markets
Fostering efficency across transport modes
Protecting competition in a changing manufacturing sector
Developing a global competition culture
Learning from the past and reaching out to the future
2016 2016
10 most important takeaways about DG Competition
Interview with Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition
Strategy of DG Competition
Interview with Johannes Laitenberger, Director-General for Competition
Why competition policy is good value for money
Acting against tax advantages to ensure a level playing field
Preserving innovation in internet search services
Using competition policy to break down online barriers
Towards a borderless market for digital content: the pay-TV case
Supporting competition, investment and consumer benefits in the telecom sector
Ensuring that dominant gas suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe play by the rules
Making the most of taxpayers’ money to keep the lights on
Coping with overcapacity in the steel sector
State aid control: a tool for a safer and sounder banking sector in Europe
Pushing for lower charges in the payment card market
Overhauling State aid rules to unlock the EU’s growth potential
State aid: a lever facilitating good investment
Tackling the challenge of boosting innovation
Breaking cartels to protect EU consumers
Enforcing EU antitrust rules in the European Competition Network
Taking the world as it is: defining markets in the age of globalisation
Cooperating across the globe
Citizens’ opinions matter
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