Competition Policy
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Competition Policy

Competition Policy


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
Antitrust AT.34250 30.04.1999 EATA (Europe Asia Trades Agreement)
Antitrust AT.37296 PO/Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.
Antitrust AT.37612 Techjet Aerofoils+Rolls-Royce+Rolls-Royce Overseas H.+Blades Technology Intern.+Wertheimer Cy+Blades
Cartel AT.39258 31.05.2017 Airfreight
Cartel AT.39437 05.12.2012 TV and computer monitor tubes
Cartel AT.39563 17.12.2020 Retail Food Packaging
Cartel AT.39605 19.10.2011 CRT glass bulbs
Cartel AT.39610 02.04.2014 Power cables
Cartel AT.39780 10.12.2013 Envelopes
Cartel AT.39861 28.05.2021 Yen Interest Rate Derivatives (YIRD)
Cartel AT.39881 22.11.2017 Occupant Safety Systems
Cartel AT.39904 19.12.2016 Rechargeable batteries
Cartel AT.39922 19.03.2014 Automotive bearings
Cartel AT.39960 08.03.2017 Thermal systems
Cartel AT.40009 21.02.2018 Maritime Car Carriers
Cartel AT.40028 27.01.2016 Alternators and Starters
Cartel AT.40113 21.02.2018 Spark plugs
Cartel AT.40135 02.12.2021 FOREX
Cartel AT.40136 21.03.2018 Capacitors
Antitrust AT.40432 Character merchandise