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Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
Cartel AT.35691 21.10.1998 Pre-insulated pipe cartel
Antitrust AT.36081 16.06.1999 Bass Holdings+Bass Lease
Antitrust AT.36539 15.09.1999 BiB+4
Antitrust AT.36732 Solvay+Sisecam+6
Cartel AT.37956 04.07.2019 reinforcing steel bars
Cartel AT.38069 03.09.2004 PO/Copper plumbing tubes
Cartel AT.38121 20.09.2006 Fittings
Antitrust AT.38176 DuBay GmbH + DuPont Deutschland Holding GmbH and Co. KG + Bayer AG
Antitrust AT.38229 AMB Generali Holding AG+Commerzbank AG Frankfurt
Cartel AT.38337 13.10.2005 Thread
Cartel AT.38338 26.10.2004 Needles
Cartel AT.38344 30.06.2010 Pre-stressing steel
Cartel AT.38432 20.11.2007 Professional videotape
Cartel AT.38456 13.09.2006 Bitumen Nederland
Cartel AT.38511 19.05.2010 DRAMS
Cartel AT.38620 03.05.2006 Hydrogen peroxide (and perborate)
Cartel AT.38823 21.02.2007 Elevators and escalators
Cartel AT.38899 24.01.2007 Gas insulated switchgear
Cartel AT.39125 12.11.2008 Carglass
Cartel AT.39165 28.11.2007 Flat Glass
Cartel AT.39168 19.09.2007 Fasteners
Cartel AT.39181 01.10.2008 Candle waxes
Cartel AT.39396 22.07.2009 Calcium carbide and magnesium based reagents
Cartel AT.39462 28.03.2012 Freight Forwarding
Cartel AT.39563 17.12.2020 Retail Food Packaging
Cartel AT.39610 02.04.2014 Power cables
Cartel AT.39611 27.06.2012 Water management products
Cartel AT.39633 27.11.2013 Shrimps
Antitrust AT.39745 20.07.2016 CDS - Information market
Antitrust AT.39767 10.12.2015 BEH Electricity
Cartel AT.39780 10.12.2013 Envelopes
Cartel AT.39792 25.05.2016 Steel abrasives
Cartel AT.39801 29.01.2014 Polyurethane Foam
Cartel AT.39914 28.06.2021 Euro Interest Rate Derivatives
Cartel AT.39920 21.02.2018 Braking systems
Cartel AT.39922 19.03.2014 Automotive bearings
Cartel AT.39960 08.03.2017 Thermal systems
Cartel AT.39965 06.04.2016 Mushrooms
Cartel AT.40009 21.02.2018 Maritime Car Carriers
Cartel AT.40098 15.07.2015 Blocktrains
Cartel AT.40135 02.12.2021 FOREX
Cartel AT.40136 21.03.2018 Capacitors
Cartel AT.40299 Closure systems
Cartel AT.40324 20.05.2021 EGB
Cartel AT.40330 20.04.2021 Rail cargo
Cartel AT.40410 14.07.2020 Ethylene
Cartel AT.40481 05.03.2019 Occupants Safety Systems II
Cartel AT.40522 12.07.2022 Metal packaging
Antitrust AT.40527 Kuoni (Holiday Pricing)
Cartel AT.40547 29.11.2022 Styrene monomer