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Competition Policy


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
Antitrust AT.32150 10.05.2000 EBU (Eurovision)
Antitrust AT.34237 14.12.1999 ANHEUSER-BUSCH + S&N
Antitrust AT.34250 30.04.1999 EATA (Europe Asia Trades Agreement)
Antitrust AT.34579 19.12.2007 MasterCard I
Antitrust AT.35141 20.03.2001 United Parcel Service / Deutsche Post AG
Antitrust AT.35488 HansaFerry
Antitrust AT.35587 30.10.2002 Video games
Antitrust AT.35614 Southern Africa Europe Container Service (SAECS III)
Antitrust AT.35706 30.10.2002 PO / Nintendo distribution
Antitrust AT.35768 Joint Pool Agreement
Cartel AT.35860 08.12.1999 Seamless steel tubes
Cartel AT.36072 GFU - Norwegian Gas Negotiation Committee
Antitrust AT.36076 28.10.2002 PO/United Airlines+Lufthansa. ART.85
Antitrust AT.36201 28.10.2002 PO / Lufthansa + SAS + United (art 85)
Antitrust AT.36246 30.04.2004 Marathon/Ruhrgas/GDF et alia
Antitrust AT.36253 26.01.1999 P&O Stena Line
Antitrust AT.36319 Eurosal III Consortium
Antitrust AT.36321 30.10.2002 Omega/Nintendo+1
Antitrust AT.36456 29.06.2000 "new" Inntrepreneur standard pub leases
Antitrust AT.36539 15.09.1999 BiB+4
Antitrust AT.36623 05.10.2005 SEP et autres / Automobiles Peugeot SA
Cartel AT.36700 24.07.2002 PO/industrial and medical gases
Antitrust AT.36732 Solvay+Sisecam+6
Antitrust AT.36748 15.09.1999 REIMS II+13
Antitrust AT.36751 12.02.2004 Alenia/Eurocontrol
Antitrust AT.36820 05.10.2005 SEP et autres / Automobiles Peugeot SA
Antitrust AT.36915 25.07.2001 British Post / Deutsche Post
Cartel AT.37027 11.12.2001 Zinc Phosphate
Antitrust AT.37055 24.10.2000 NDC/IMS+2
Antitrust AT.37129 UPS/Deutsche Post+DHL
Antitrust AT.37214 19.01.2005 DFB
Antitrust AT.37275 05.10.2005 SEP et autres / Automobiles Peugeot SA
Antitrust AT.37359 Degussa+Norddeutsche Affinerie
Antitrust AT.37451 21.05.2003 Price squeeze local loop Germany
Antitrust AT.37462 31.07.2001 GTO + 8
Cartel AT.37512 21.11.2001 Vitamins
Antitrust AT.37557 EUREX
Antitrust AT.37562 EUTELSAT
Antitrust AT.37578 21.05.2003 TeleBel+7/DT+Deutschland
Antitrust AT.37579 21.05.2003 Ewe Tel+5/DT+Deutschland
Antitrust AT.37708 Irish Corrib gas field
Antitrust AT.37730 05.07.2002 Deutsche Lufthansa+Austrian Airlines
Antitrust AT.37752 European Parcels Group
Antitrust AT.37761 25.03.2004 Euromax/Imax
Antitrust AT.37775 Cemep+20
Cartel AT.37786 euro-zone exchange charges - Austria
Cartel AT.37787 Euro-zone exchange charges - Belgium
Cartel AT.37788 Euro-zone exchange charges -Finland
Cartel AT.37789 Euro-zone exchange charges -Portugal
Cartel AT.37790 Euro-zone exchange charges -Ireland