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SA.40266 Régime d’aides de l’ADEME - plan d'évaluation

Member State: France
Region: FRANCE
Primary Objective: Research and development
Objective(s): Research and development
Fundamental research (Art. 25(2)(a))
Industrial research (Art. 25(2)(b))
Experimental development (Art. 25(2)(c))
Feasibility studies (Art. 25(2)(d))
Aid for the establishment of research infrastructures (Art. 26)
Aid for innovation clusters (Art. 27)
Innovation aid for SMEs (Art. 28)
Aid for process and organisational innovation (Art. 29)
Aid for research and development in the fishery and aquaculture sector (Art. 30)
Investment aid enabling undertakings to go beyond Union standards for environmental protection or increase the level of environmental protection in the absence of Union standards (Art. 36)
Aid for early adaptation to future Union standards for SMEs (Art. 37)
Environmental investment aid for energy efficiency measures (Art. 38)
Investment aid for the promotion of energy from renewable energy sources (Art. 41)
Investment aid for remediation of contaminated sites (Art. 45)
Investment aid for energy efficient district heating and cooling (Art. 46)
Investment aid for waste recycling and re-utilisation (Art. 47)
Investment aid for energy infrastructure (Art. 48)
Aid for environmental studies (Art. 49)
Legal basis primary: Art. 107(3)(c) TFEU Certain econ. activities/areas
Legal basis secondary: GBER - General Block Exemption Regulation (651/2014) 2014-2020
Aid instrument: Direct grant/ Interest rate subsidy
Loan/ Repayable advances
Case Type: Scheme
Duration: from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2020
Notification or Registration Date: 17.12.2014
DG Responsible: Competition DG
Expenditures (in Millions): 2018 : EUR 150.623
  2017 : EUR 147.896
  2016 : EUR 122.505
  2015 : EUR 153.853
  2014 : EUR 0


Summary Info Form: bg pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  cs pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  da pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  de pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  el pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  en pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  es pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  et pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  fi pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  fr pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  hr pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  hu pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  it pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  lt pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  lv pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  mt pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  nl pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  pl pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  pt pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  ro pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  sk pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  sl pdf  Published on 28.01.2015
  sv pdf  Published on 28.01.2015


Decision on 04.08.2015: GBER – approval of the evaluation plan
Decision Text: Letter to the Member State - authentic language   fr  pdf
Published on 25.08.2015

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