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SA.34308 ( 2013/NN - 2013/C ) Aid to Hellenic Defence Systems HDS

Member state: Greece
Legal basis primary: Art. 346 TFEU - Defence
Art. 107(3)(c) TFEU Certain econ. activities/areas
Legal basis secondary: Rescue and restructuring-Rescue and Restructuring Guidelines, 2004-2012
Sector: C.25.40 - Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
C.32 - Other manufacturing
Aid instrument: Direct grant
Other forms of equity intervention
Case type: Ad Hoc Case
Notification / registration date: 01.02.2012
Legislative sector: Competition DG
06.03.2013 Decision to initiate the formal investigation procedure
( 2013/NN )
Decision text(s) pdf Letter to the Member State - authentic language el
pdf Letter to the Member State - working language en [disclaimer]
Press release   IP/13/194
Publication in Official Journal 30.05.2013 JOCE C/152/2013
20.11.2017 - Negative decision with recovery
- Other
( 2013/C )
Decision text(s) 13.03.2018 pdf Letter to the Member State - authentic language en
Press release   IP/17/4763
Publication in Official Journal 12.04.2018 JOCE L/94/2018

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