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C19/2009 Aid for the restructuring of TV 2/DANMARK A/S

Member State: Denmark
Region: FYNS AMT
Primary Objective: Restructuring firms in difficulty
Sector: J.59.1 - Motion picture, video and television programme activities
J.60 - Programming and broadcasting activities
J.63.91 - News agency activities
Aid instrument: Guarantee
Soft loan
Case Type: Individual Application
Notification or Registration Date: 04.02.2009
DG Responsible: Competition DG


Decision on 02.07.2009: Decision to initiate the formal investigation procedure
Press release: IP/09/1073
Decision Text: Letter to the Member State - authentic language   da  pdf
  Letter to the Member State - working language   en  pdf
Publication on 02.09.2009: Official Journal: JOCE C/207/2009


Decision on 20.04.2011: Conditional decision
Publication on 23.02.2012: Official Journal: JOCE L/50/2012
Decision on 21.09.2011: Corrigendum

Related court case(s): T-210/12

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