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Competition Policy

SA.101066 Regional aid map for Northern Ireland (2022-2027)

Member state: United Kingdom
Primary objective(s): Regional development (including territorial cooperation)
Aid instrument: Debt write-off
Direct grant
Other forms of equity intervention
Reduction of social security contributions
Repayable advances
Soft loan
Subsidised services
Tax allowance
Tax base reduction
Tax deferment
Tax rate reduction
Case type: Scheme
Duration: From 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2027
Notification / registration date: 14.12.2021
Legislative sector: Competition DG
17.05.2022 Decision not to raise objections
Decision text(s) 18.05.2022 pdf Letter to the Member State - authentic language EN
Press release   IP//
Publication in Official Journal 26.08.2022 JOCE C/324/2022

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