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SA.29707 ( N597/2009 ) Federal Framework for small amounts of compatible aid in agriculture

Member state: Germany
Primary objective(s): Remedy for a serious disturbance in the economy
Legal basis primary: Art. 107(3)(b) TFEU - Remedy serious disturbance
Legal basis secondary: Crisis-Real economy - Temporary Framework 2008-2010
Sector: A.01 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
Aid instrument: Direct grant
Interest subsidy
Soft loan
Case type: Scheme
Duration: From 23.11.2009 to 31.12.2010
Notification / registration date: 30.10.2009
Legislative sector: Agriculture and Rural Development DG
23.11.2009 Decision not to raise objections
( N597/2009 )
Decision text(s) pdf Letter to the Member State - authentic language de
pdf Letter to the Member State - working language en [disclaimer]
Publication in Official Journal 10.02.2010 JOCE C/33/2010

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