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C12/2004 Trade fairs

Member State: Italy
Case Type: Scheme
Notification or Registration Date: 13.10.2003
DG Responsible: Competition DG


Decision on 16.03.2004: Decision to initiate the formal investigation procedure
Press release: IP/04/354
Publication on 03.09.2004: Official Journal: JOCE C/221/2004


Decision on 11.03.2008: Referral to Court of Justice (non-compliance with decisions)
Press release: IP/08/435
Decision Text: The public version of this decision is not yet available. It will be displayed as soon as it has been cleansed of any confidential information.


Decision on 14.12.2004: Negative decision with recovery
Press release: IP/04/1494
Publication on 21.12.2005: Official Journal: JOCE L/335/2005

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