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M.9637 IAG   / AIR EUROPA  

Notification on: 25.05.2021
Provisional deadline: 03.12.2021
Deadline extended by 20 working days under article 10(3)2 on 19.07.2021
Prior publication in Official Journal: C209 Of 02.06.2021
Concerns economic activity (NACE): H.51.21 - Freight air transport
H.51.1 - Passenger air transport
C.33.16 - Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft
H.52.23 - Service activities incidental to air transportation
Regulation: Council Regulation 139/2004
Decision(s): 29.06.2021: Art. 6(1)(c)
                  Press Release: IP/21/3328

Relation with other case(s): (none)
Other case related information(s): Section 1.2 of Form CO:
    en (26.05.2021) published on 27.05.2021
Related link(s): (none)

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