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Notification on: 15.03.2019
Provisional deadline:
Commitments submitted in N/2 on 12.08.2019
Deadline extended by 20 working days under article 10(3)2 on 05.07.2019
Deadline suspension under Article 11(3) ended on 04.07.2019
Deadline suspended under Article 11(3) [date may differ from the Article 11(3) decision date] from 04.06.2019
Commitments submitted in N/1 on 12.04.2019
Prior publication in Official Journal: C107 Of 21.03.2019
Concerns economic activity (NACE): M.73.1 - Advertising
J.59.1 - Motion picture, video and television programme activities
J.59.13 - Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities
J.59.11 - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
J.60.20 - Television programming and broadcasting activities
Regulation: Council Regulation 139/2004
Decision(s): 18.05.2020: Purchaser approval
                  en published on 08.04.2021

12.11.2019: Art. 8(2) with conditions & obligations
                  Press Release: IP/19/6271
                  en published on 29.04.2020

10.05.2019: Art. 6(1)(c)
                  C239 Of 16.07.2019
                  Press Release: IP/19/2474

Relation with other case(s): (none)
Other case related information(s): Section 1.2 of Form CO:
    en (15.03.2019) published on 18.03.2019

Trustee details:
    en (09.12.2019) published on 10.12.2019

Final report of the Hearing Officer:
    en (29.04.2020) published on 29.04.2020

Opinion of the Advisory Committee:
    en (29.04.2020) published on 29.04.2020
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