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M.3099 AREVA   / URENCO   / ETC JV (4064)  

Notification on: 14.05.2004
Prior publication in Official Journal: C141 Of 25.05.2004
Concerns economic activity (NACE): C.19 - Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
Regulation: Council Regulation 4064/89
Decision(s): 06.10.2004: Art. 22(4)
                  Press Release: IP/04/1189

06.10.2004: Art. 8(2) with conditions & obligations
                  L61 Of 02.03.2006
                  Press Release: IP/04/1189
                  Celex: 32006D0170

22.06.2004: Art. 6(1)(c)
                  C170 Of 30.06.2004
                  Press Release: IP/04/777

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