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Due to a maintenance of the StateAid publication application, the StateAid cases published after September 16th do not appear yet on the ISEF website.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are putting all possible efforts to get the situation fixed without delay.


Notification on: 04.06.2021
Provisional deadline: 09.07.2021
Prior publication in Official Journal: C226 Of 14.06.2021
Concerns economic activity (NACE): C.24 - Manufacture of basic metals
Regulation: Council Regulation 139/2004
Decision(s): 02.07.2021: Withdrawn

Relation with other case(s): M.9917
Other case related information(s): Section 1.2 of Form CO:
    en (04.06.2021) published on 07.06.2021
Related link(s): (none)

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