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AT.39563 Retail Food Packaging

Companies: Bunzl Plc | CCPL S.c. | Coopbox Eastern s.r.o. | Coopbox Group S.p.A. | Coopbox Hispania S.l.u. | Coveris Rigid (Auneau) France SAS | Groupe Guillin SA | Huhtamäki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co | Huhtamäki Oyj | Italmobiliare S.p.A. | Johannes Reifenhäuser Holding GmbH & Co KG | Linpac Distribution SAS | Linpac France SAS | Linpac Group Ltd. | Linpac Packaging GmbH | Linpac Packaging Holdings S.L. | Linpac Packaging Kft | Linpac Packaging Polska Sp zo.o | Linpac Packaging Pravia S.A. | Linpac Packaging S.r.o. | Linpac Packaging Spol S.r.o. | Linpac Packaging Verona S.r.L. | Magic Pack Srl | Nespak S.p.A. | Ovarpack Embalagens | Petruzalek GmbH | Petruzalek Kft | Petruzalek Spol s.r.o. | Petruzalek s.r.o. | Poliemme S.r.l. | Propack Kft. | Silver Plastics GmbH | Silver Plastics GmbH & Co KG | Silver Plastics S.à.r.l. | Sirap France S.A.S. | Sirap-Gema S.p.A. | Vitembal España S.L. | Vitembal GmbH Verpackungsmittel | Vitembal Holding SAS | Vitembal Société Industrielle SAS
Economic Activity: C.22.22 - Manufacture of plastic packing goods
Date Document Type Document
17.12.2020 Press Release Commission re-adopts decision and fines CCPL €9.44 million for its participation in retail food packaging cartels :
17.12.2020 Prohibition Decision (Art. 101 Ex 81) published on 24.06.2021
17.12.2020 Report of the Hearing Officer Final Report of the Hearing Officer :
17.12.2020 Summary Decision Summary of Commission Decision :
15.12.2020 Opinion of the Advisory Committee Advisory Committee Report - Opinion of the Advisory Committee :
24.06.2015 Press Release Antitrust: Commission fines producers and distributors € 115 865 000 for operating retail food packaging cartels :
24.06.2015 Prohibition Decision (Art. 101 Ex 81) published on 03.05.2018
24.06.2015 Summary Decision Summary decision :
24.06.2015 Summary decision published for information purposes on the webpage of DG Competition. published on 22.10.2015
22.06.2015 Opinion of the Advisory Committee Opinion AC :
22.06.2015 Report of the Hearing Officer Final report of the Hearing Officer :
15.06.2015 Opinion of the Advisory Committee Opinion AC :
28.09.2012 Press Release Commission sends Statement of Objections to suspected participants in retail food packaging cartel published on DG COMP WEBSITE on the 05/10/2012 :
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