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AT.38173 The Football Association Premier League Limited

Companies: Football Assoc P L
Economic Activity: J.60.2 - Television programming and broadcasting activities
Date Document Type Document
28.03.2006 Proposed Commitments
22.03.2006 Commitments Decision
22.03.2006 Press Release Competition: Commission makes commitments from FA Premier League legally binding :
22.03.2006 Summary Decision Official Journal C 7, 12.1.2008, p. 18–18 :
14.03.2006 Report of the Hearing Officer Official Journal C 7, 12.1.2008, p. 16–17 :
13.03.2006 Opinion of the Advisory Committee Official Journal C 7, 12.1.2008, p. 15–15 :
11.10.2005 Report
30.04.2004 Notice (former Reg.) Official Journal C 115, 2004, P. 0003 - 0006 :
16.12.2003 Press Release Commission reaches provisional agreement with FA Premier League and BSkyB over football rights :
20.12.2002 Press Release Commission opens proceedings into joint selling of media rights to the English Premier League :
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