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– Article 15 (2)

National court cases database (Articles 101 & 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU)

Article 15(2) of Regulation 1/2003 requires Member States to forward to the Commission a copy of any written national court judgment on the application of Article 101 or 102 TFEU. These judgments must be sent "without delay after the full written judgment is notified to the parties".

The non-confidential versions of these judgments are published in this database as a source of case practice, as well as providing an overview of the activities of national courts in their role as enforcers of EU competition law. Judgments are published in the original language, are sorted by Member State and filed chronologically. Below the database itself you will find the latest updates to this database.

If you are aware of any national judgment applying Articles 101 and 102 TFEU which is not mentioned on this website, please contact us.

See also: Judgments of the European Court of Justice and the General Court on the application of the EU competition rules.

The judgments are being processed and will gradually be re-introduced on the website.

Austria Denmark Hungary Malta Slovenia
Belgium Estonia Ireland The Netherlands Spain
Bulgaria Finland Italy Poland Sweden
Croatia France Latvia Portugal United Kingdom
Cyprus Germany Lithuania Romania  
Czech Republic Greece Luxembourg Slovakia  


 Publication date
 Judgment date
 Member state
 Court name
 Court town
 Reference number
 Type of proceeding
 Main competition issues in case

What´s new?

Judgment date Member state Publication date Reference Details
26.02.2015 Slovakia 8Sžhpu/1,2,3/2013
18.02.2015 Germany VI-U (Kart) 3/14
26.11.2014 Germany VI U (Kart) 51/12
24.11.2014 Belgium A.R. A/08/06816
31.10.2014 France 2014/19335
01.10.2014 Belgium 2010/AR/3351
25.09.2014 France 2013/05595
02.09.2014 Netherlands 200.126.185
09.07.2014 Germany 6 U 64/13 (Kart.)
28.06.2014 Denmark Sag 123/2010
03.06.2014 France H1311489
20.05.2014 France 492 F-P+B
15.05.2014 France 2012/06498
14.05.2014 Germany 8 O 46/13
08.04.2014 Lithuania A-502-253-14
07.04.2014 Lithuania a-552_54-14
21.03.2014 Romania 1363/2014
18.03.2014 Denmark Sag 183/2009
11.02.2014 Slovenia [-]
27.01.2014 Slovenia SI:VSRS:2014:G.23.2012