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In all your correspondence, please specify the name of the case and the case number. All correspondence relating to a case must be sent to the Registry, even when addressed to a specific Directorate or Unit in DG Competition.

State Aid Registry
Postal address:
European Commission
Directorate-General for Competition
For the attention of the State Aid Registry
1049 Bruxelles/Brussel
Delivery by hand:
European Commission
DG Competition
For the attention of the State Aid Registry
Avenue du Bourget / Bourgetlaan 1
1140 Evere

(every week-day from 7.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.)
Central mail Phone :+322 29 93299
Email :

If required, the Commission’s Central Mail Service in the Avenue du Bourget will issue a delivery receipt. Every hand delivered mail (express mail services, couriers,...) and 'registered letter' will be registered in the Central mail service and will be delivered to DG Competition within two working hours.

Read more about Commission holidays.

+32 22961242
+32 22961154
  • In its efforts “towards the e-Commission”, the European Commission encourages use of electronic information.
  • Precaution : Emails should not exceed 3 MB
  • Secure email can be sent encrypted using "Qualified PKI Certificates". If you don't have such certificate you can obtain them via certificates providers or any national certification authority. For more details.
  • If, nevertheless, you want to send paper documents, please respect following rules :
    - No bound documents, stapled documents, no cardboard dividers, no double-sided pages
    - Format: only A4 weighing less than 120 gr/m2

The Registry reserves the right to request electronic copies for voluminous paper documents.

Economic Crisis Team

Queries by Member States regarding State aid to the financial sector

Member States can contact the Financial Services Directorate for any questions related to potential State aid implications of national measures for the financial sector (email:, telephone: +32 2 295.66.85 or +32 2 295.26.95).

Early discussions with the team may help the Member States to design national measures that meet the desired objectives of helping the supporting the financial sector and comply with the State aid rules.


National contacts

  • Websites of National authorities dealing with State aid.
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