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What is competition policy?
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Delivering for consumers

Consumer Liaison Office

The Consumer Liaison Office in the Directorate General for Competition is responsible for receiving information and requests concerning competition problems faced by end consumers and customers. A team of Consumer Liaison Correspondents responsible for each economic sector will give advice to consumers within a month of any query and if the Directorate General for Competition is not the correct department shall transfer the information to other Directorates General in the European Commission or to a National Authority dealing with Competition and Consumer Protection.

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The Consumer Liaison Office was established in December 2003 in order to ensure a permanent dialogue with European consumers, whose welfare is the primary concern of competition policy, but whose voice is not sufficiently heard when handling individual cases or discussing policy issues. Its role concerns the antitrust field - cartels and abuses of dominant positions - merger control as well as other competition cases and policies.

Its tasks include:

  • Acting as primary contact point for consumer organisations, but also for individual consumers, by establishing more regular and intensified contacts with consumer organisations.
  • Alerting consumer groups to competition cases when their input might be useful, and advising them on the way they can provide input and express their views.
  • Contacts with National Competition Authorities regarding consumer protection matters.
  • To intensify contacts between the competition and other Directorates Generals, most notably with the Health and Consumers Protection Directorate General.