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What is competition policy?
Why is competition policy important for consumers?
How does the Commission apply competition policy?
EU institutions and competition policy

Delivering for consumers

Abuse of a dominant position

A company can restrict competition if it is in a position of strength on a given market. A dominant position is not in itself anti-competitive, but if the company exploits this position to eliminate competition, it is considered to have abused it.

Examples include:

  • charging unreasonably high prices
  • depriving smaller competitors of customers by selling at artificially low prices they can't compete with
  • obstructing competitors in the market (or in another related market) by forcing consumers to buy a product which is artificially related to a more popular, in-demand product
  • refusing to deal with certain customers or offering special discounts to customers who buy all or most of their supplies from the dominant company
  • making the sale of one product conditional on the sale of another product.

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