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As of 1 July 2015 stakeholders and citizens have the possibility to provide feedback on all Roadmaps and Inception Impact Assessments that are published on the Better Regulation website. Stakeholders can share their views in any EU official language.

DG Competition welcomes stakeholder input on its initiatives. While this new tool does not replace the formal public consultation process, feedback will be taken into account throughout the preparatory work.

Feedback received so far is reproduced here and updated on an ongoing basis.

Title Policy activity Status Received feedback
Extension and revision of the GBER 2015 State aid Open
Empowering the national competition authorities to be more effective enforcers Antitrust Open  
Review of Insurance Block Exemption Regulation ("IBER") Antitrust Open  
Guidelines on joint selling in the sectors of olive oil, beef and veal and arable crops Antitrust Open None
Review of the Simplified Procedure Notice State aid Open  

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