• Margrethe Vestager

    COMP@60 is a birthday present and I can hardly think of better ways to wish DG Competition a happy 60th birthday! It is a collection of stories offered by people who have devoted some – or a lot – of their professional lives to giving European consumers a fair deal.

  • Johannes Laitenberger

    The texts, pictures and videos collected in Comp@60 are as diverse as the stages in the history of our Directorate-General and the approaches chosen by their contributors to recount them. Some recall important negotiations, giving us the contexts and debates that were surrounding them at the time.

Welcome to COMP@60. Read the memories of the people who have helped to build EU competition policy and enforcement; watch the videos; or browse through a timeline of the milestones in our first 60 years. We hope we can share with you the passion and dedication that emerge from this collection of first-hand accounts.

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COMP@60 is an open-ended work. If you were involved in the evolution of DG IV/DG Competition in any capacity, we welcome your contribution. You may want to refer to the timeline for inspiration. Please write to us to propose and discuss your ideas. Pictures, recordings and other non-verbal content will be appreciated.