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Contracts > Ex-ante publicity on low and middle value contracts

Expected calls for tender for low value contracts and middle value contracts between €15,000 and €144,000

If you are interested in participating in any of the tender procedures for middle or low value contracts, please email your details to with the reference of the relevant call for tender.

Your details will be stored in a database for the purpose of tendering only. Inclusion of your contact details does not automatically lead to invitations to tender.

Only the candidates invited by the contracting authority to participate in a procedure for awarding low value contracts will be admissible.

Open middle and low value contracts

Contract reference and title


Indicative launch of call for tender



Expert fact finding on mobile payments

The purpose of the contract is to gather informed knowledge, in the form of a report, about the state and evolution of contactless and mobile payments online and in stores in all EEA countries. The contractor will be required to prove knowledge and experience in competition and payment markets.

end of October Open
Expert IT analysis - payment APIs

The purpose of the contract is to gather detailed information on how merchants and payment gateways integrate certain interfaces (APIs) for the use of payment solutions for payments on apps and websites. This study requires expert IT knowledge as well as IT capabilities to analyse APIs and run API simulations for the implementation of payment solutions.

end of October Open

Closed middle and low value contracts

Contract reference and title


Indicative launch of call for tender



Determination of the value of certain plots of land in Madrid

The purpose of the report is to determine the market value in a particular time period of specific land plots located in Madrid (Spain).

In the first half of October Closed


Fact-finding study on the implementation of the transparency provisions applicable to State aid

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the transparency provisions as part of (i) the Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 Article 9(1) and Annex III of GBER are fit for purpose taking into account the general State Aid Modernization (SAM) objectives, the specific objectives of the legal framework and the current and future challenges.

In particular, the study aims at:

1) producing a detailed mapping of the different legal, organizational and technical set ups put in place by Member States to fulfil their obligations under the transparency provisions;

2) identifying elements in the current legislative design of the transparency provisions that, if changed, would help improving efficiency and effectiveness for reaching the main objectives of the transparency provisions.

October 2019 Closed
Fact-finding study on the implementation of the evaluation requirement as foreseen by the GBER and relevant guidelines

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the evaluation requirements as part of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 Recital 8 and Article 1(2) of GBER are fit for purpose taking into account the general State Aid Modernization (SAM) objectives, the specific objectives of the legal framework and the current and future challenges. The findings will serve as a basis for drawing policy conclusions on how well the evaluation requirements have been performing and feed into possible considerations on the future of the relevant regulatory framework. The general objective of the study is to provide the Commission with an independent evidence-based assessment of the implementation of the Evaluation requirements applicable since July 2015.

August 2019 Closed

Supply of patent data and patent analytics

The purpose of the contract is to acquire patent data and patent analytics that have a recognized quality in the patent community.

June/July 2019



Collection of European market share and industry level concentration data

The purpose of the contract is to collect market share and concentration data for European countries on a detailed industry level, as well as to commission a methodological paper describing the data gathering process.

May 2018



Study on the Practical Impact of RDI State Aid Rules

The objective of the contract is to collect and assess factual evidence on the extent to which, if any, the current State aid rules have an impact on RDI activities in a manner or to a degree which is disproportionate to the objective of these rules, i.e. the prevention of undue distortions of competition.

October 2017


Consultancy “Artificial Intelligence Applied to Competition Enforcement”
The purpose of the consultancy is to gather informed knowledge, in the form of a report, about existing Artificial Intelligence solutions in the market used by or applied to the legal / law enforcement sector. The report shall as well picture any specific and specialised skills and/or pre-conditions required to adopt these solutions, and provide advice on the way forward. Both law enforcement authorities and law firms increasingly embrace Artificial Intelligence to achieve productivity gains and improve work processes. In particular, the tender will seek advice on how Artificial Intelligence could potentially improve DG Competition's processes of evidence management, legal drafting, and market intelligence gathering. October 2017


Purchase of Forensic IT hardware - Portable Storage Solution (PSS)
Acquisition of the Portable Storage Solution (PSS) that will allow to store big amount of data and will serve as the network switch during DG COMP investigations. October 2017 Closed

Seminar of DG Competition

The Directorate-General for Competition would like to organise a one-day seminar in Brussels in September 2017. A procurement procedure will be launched for a venue, suitable for approximately 1 000 participants, that also offers lunch catering.

February 2017 Closed


Expert assistance to assess the technicalities of VULA products in the context of a State aid investigation

In the context of the Commission's State aid approval decision of the German high speed broadband scheme in 2015, Germany has notified 3 "virtual" unbundled access products (VULA). The approval of such a VULA product is required before the network operator can use vectoring technology. It has to be assessed whether the notified products present the necessary and mandatory technical characteristics to comply with the open access requirements as set out in the 2013 Broadband Guidelines and the explanatory note on the Commission's recommendation on relevant product and services markets (9.10.2014)).

The tasks assigned to the consultant would be:

-          To assess the VULA products which are already used in other Member States (5 to 6 Member States already use this type of product, like UK or Austria),

-          To consult the main stakeholders in the sector,

-          And in particular to advise DG COMP on whether the proposed products comply with the technical requirements.

These tasks should be accomplished within 6 weeks.

Mid-October 2016 Closed

Analysis of the impact of State aid on competition in selected State aid cases

The purpose of the analysis is to evaluate the impact on the market of a selected number of State Aid cases where the Commission authorized the granting of aid to individual companies, focusing exclusively on the aid's impact on competition in the affected markets. The contractor will have to select 4 State aid cases in markets with which he is familiar for having advised clients in a merger or antitrust case, and to apply the standard antitrust economic analysis to these State aid cases in order to assess the impact of the aid on competition. The contractor will be required to prove extensive knowledge and experience in competition cases. Knowledge of State aid is a plus, but not a must. March 2016 Closed
Improving the monitoring indicators system to support DG Competitions' future policy assessments
Support for the European Commission's Directorate General for Competition to improve its monitoring indicators system which can help to strengthen the evidence base of its future policy assessments (in particular, its future ex-post evaluations and impact assessments). Feb 2016 Closed


Reports on consumer shopping behaviour
Purchase of reports with country-specific analysis for the year 2014 on consumer trends in the grocery retail market for each of the following seven countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain. May 2015 Closed

IA support study for Merger Regulation review regarding minority shareholdings

Small support study concerning a possible impact assessment for the Merger Regulation review regarding the minority shareholdings, especially legal aspects.

First quarter of 2015

Procurement procedure cancelled

Forensic IT hardware - laptops

Purchase of laptops for the Forensic IT analysis to be used during the course of the competition inspections.

August 2015 Closed
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