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Antitrust and Cartels search form

Using the simple search form common to all policy areas

Case title

  • Complaint case titles will generally consist of the short names of the plaintiff and the defendant, in that order and separated by a forward slash (/).
  • Ex officio or cartels cases have a title related to the market/product concerned (for example case 39396 Calcium carbide)
  • For historic cases involving notification (Regulation 17/62), the title simply contains the name of the undertakings separated by a +.
  • See also special lists in the Antitrust advanced Search

  • Case by date list events in the last 3 months
    Case by Company contains an alphabetical list of company names

Document type

Document title

Select this option if you look for a word contained in the document or in the press release title. For example, the word "statement" may find out all the cases where the Commission confirmed sending a statement of objections; "statement" being indicated in the title of press releases.

Legal basis

Select this option if you look for the EC Treaty article(s) covering the treatment of the case by the Commission.

Cases range

Use this option if you want to select a range of cases by case number.

Document date

The date indicates the creation of the document or its last update if applicable.