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Actions for Damages > Collective redress

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Collective Redress and Actions for Damages

Vice-President Reding (responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship), Vice-President Almunia (responsible for Competition) and Commissioner Dalli (responsible for Health and Consumer Policy) underlined in their Joint Information Note of 5 October 2010 the need for a coherent European approach to collective redress.

Towards a coherent European approach on collective redress: the Commission's Recommendation

Following the Information Note, the Commission held a public consultation and a public hearing on collective redress in early 2011. The purpose of this consultation was to identify common legal principles on collective redress in the EU. The consultation also explored the fields in which the different forms of collective redress could have an added value for better protecting the rights of EU citizens and businesses, and for improving the enforcement of EU legislation.

Building upon the public consultation, the Commission issued a Recommendation on common principles for injunctive and compensatory collective redress mechanisms in the Member States concerning violations of rights granted under EU law. The initiative recommends that all Member States introduce collective redress mechanisms to facilitate the enforcement of the rights that all EU citizens have under EU law, including the right to compensation for antitrust harm. The text of the Recommendation is available in all official languages.

Read more on collective redress on the consumer affairs website.

The European Parliament has given its views on collective redress on several occasions:

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