At a critical time for the European Union, Leaders of the EU's Member States and institutions rallied together in Bratislava and in Rome and committed to creating a Europe that delivers tangible results for its citizens on the issues that matter to them.

The Juncker Commission, which took office in November 2014, has this objective at its core and is delivering on a clear mandate from both the European Council and the European Parliament to implement a common work programme for the five year term.

To help define the priorities for the future, the Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe of March 2017 set out possible paths for the future and initiated a broad debate on what kind of Europe EU citizens and leaders want to see.

Thousands of people took part in the debate and President Juncker took into account these discussions in his State of the Union Address of September 2017 in which he unveiled a Roadmap for a More United, Stronger and More Democratic Union.

President Juncker's Roadmap was the basis for the Leaders' Agenda of October 2017 which reinforces the commitment to focus on key priorities and sets out what the EU intends to deliver over the next 16 months. The Leaders' Agenda will culminate with a special Summit of EU Leaders in Sibiu, Romania, on 9 May 2019. This is when the Leaders of EU27 need to show a plan, a vision and way forward, before voters take to the polls in the European Parliament elections in 2019.


Past events

Next event: May 2018

  • Commission proposal: Long-term budget post-2020
  • May 2018

    Reports by the Commission and European Central Bank: progress by Member States in meeting the conditions for adopting the euro

  • 17 May 2018

    EU-Western Balkans Summit (Sofia, Bulgaria)

  • 28-29 June 2018
  • June 2018

    The future of EU Energy and Climate Policy, including on the future of the Euratom Treaty: Commission Communication

  • September 2018

    Commission communications on

    • enhancement of the use of qualified majority voting in Common Foreign Policy
    • enhancement of the use of qualified majority voting and of the ordinary legislative procedure in internal market matters, including social and taxation matters
    • a possible extension of the tasks of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to include the fight against terrorism
    • enhancing efficiency at the helm of the European Union
  • September 2018

    Ways to enhance subsidiarity, proportionality and better regulation in the daily operations of the EU: Report by the Task Force chaired by Commission First Vice-President Timmermans

  • September 2018

    State of the Union Address by President Juncker

  • September 2018

    Informal European Council/Meeting of EU27 (Vienna, Austria)

  • October 2018

    Commission initiative to strengthen the enforcement of the
    Rule of Law in the EU

  • 18-19 October 2018
  • 13-14 December 2018
  • 21-22 March 2019

    European Council

  • 30 March 2019

    Possible Extraordinary European Council to take first decisions by unanimity on the future of Europe (Sibiu, Romania)

  • 9 May 2019

    Informal European Council (Sibiu, Romania)

  • 23-26 May 2019

    European Parliament elections

  • 20-21 June 2019

    European Council