What is the InvestEU programme?

The InvestEU Programme builds on the successful model of the Investment Plan for Europe, the Juncker Plan. It will bring together, under one roof, the European Fund for Strategic Investments and 13 EU financial instruments currently available.  Triggering at least €650 billion in additional investment, the Programme aims to give an additional boost to investment, innovation and job creation in Europe.

What will the programme consist of?

  • The InvestEU Fund: Mobilising public and private investment using an EU budget guarantee
  • The InvestEU Advisory Hub: Providing technical advice on investment projects needing financing.
  • The InvestEU Portal: An easily accessible database that matches projects with potential investors worldwide.

What are its benefits?

Simplified and streamlined investment support

Just one set of rules and procedures and one point of contact for advice. InvestEU will make EU funding simpler to access and more effective.

InvestEU 2021-2027

Expanding the successful Juncker Plan model

By using an EU budget guarantee to crowd-in other investors, the InvestEU Fund will give an added boost to investment in the EU.

Making EU funds go further

The EU budget guarantee can help public funds go further. InvestEU is expected to mobilise at least €650 billion in additional investment between 2021 and 2027.

Targeting key areas

The InvestEU Fund will support four main policy areas: sustainable infrastructure; research, innovation and digitisation; small and medium businesses; and social investment and skills.

Improving the investment environment in Europe

Like in the Juncker Plan, InvestEU will be a part of the Commission's economic policy mix of investment, structural reforms and fiscal responsibility, to ensure Europe remains an attractive place for businesses to settle and thrive.




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