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InvestEU brings together, under one roof, many different EU support instruments to boost investment, innovation and create more jobs.

The InvestEU Programme will be the main investment support instrument and will succeed the Investment Plan for Europe (including EFSI) which comes to an end in 2020. The InvestEU Programme will consist of the InvestEU Fund, the InvestEU Advisory Hub and the InvestEU Portal.

Using a guarantee from the EU budget, the InvestEU Fund will mobilise public and private investment managed by implementing partners. It aims to trigger €650 billion in additional investment. The InvestEU Advisory Hub will offer advisory services provided by advisory partners to develop a robust project pipeline for investments across the EU.

Who can become an implementing and/or advisory partner?

The main partner of the InvestEU Fund will be the EIB Group, which has successfully managed EFSI since its launch in 2015. Other institutions that can get involved are national promotional banks and international financial institutions such as:

  • the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)
  • the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB)

Assessing capacity to manage the EU budget

Interested parties must undergo a screening process to assess their eligibility for managing EU funds. The assessment takes place in three main steps:

  1. Application: Potential investors need to submit an application form to the European Commission at this email address.
  2. Eligibility: The European Commission checks the eligibility of applicants.
  3. Pillar Assessment: Eligible applicants must complete a screening process, a "Pillar Assessment", to ensure EU funds are properly managed. The assessment is an independent external audit, guided by its Terms of Reference, and carried out to ensure compliance with the rules and procedures for managing EU funds. The Commission concludes its assessment based on the findings of the auditor’s report.

Selection of implementing and advisory partners to InvestEU

To become an InvestEU implementing partner, interested parties need to respond to a call for expression of interest. The Commission then enters into negotiations with them to define the type of financial product they wish to implement and the conditions attached to it. The negotiations are concluded by signing a guarantee agreement granting the status of InvestEU implementing partner.

A similar procedure applies to InvestEU advisory partners, with a parallel call for expression of interest envisaged.

Interested parties can respond to the call(s) for expression of interest while their pillar assessment is underway. However, the pillar assessment needs to be completed before the Commission can sign a guarantee or in certain cases an advisory agreement.

For more information on the application procedure and for details on how to become an advisory partner please consult the Q&A.


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