The European Investment Project Portal

Bringing together projects and investors

The European Investment Project Portal is an online platform that brings together project promoters and investors. It helps to increase the visibility and the financing opportunities for investment projects across Europe. You can think of it as an online dating platform for projects and investors, who may otherwise not find each other.

Submitting a project to the portal is free of charge and it will boost its visibility to potential investors worldwide. Submissions to the portal will not be treated as applications for financing under the EFSI or other EU/EIB instrument and do not guarantee financing from the EFSI, from the EIB or from anyone else.

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European Investment Advisory Hub

Providing technical support in a single access point

The European Investment Advisory Hub is a single access point to a wide range of advisory and technical assistance services. The hub is a joint initiative of the Commission and the EIB, which provides technical assistance and tailored advice to private and public project promoters.

To make the services of the hub more accessible at national and local level, the EIB and the Commission are working closely with National Promotional Banks as well as with other international partners such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank. The EIB is developing more tailor-made technical assistance at local level.

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Applying for EFSI financing

This EIB page explains how you can apply for EFSI financing, whether you are a private or public sector entity, financial institution, fund, platform or an SME.

Investment platforms

Investment platforms can help to finance smaller projects and bundle funds from different sources to enable diversified investments with a geographic or thematic focus. They can also render smaller or local investment opportunities financially attractive to new investor groups, for example pension funds or institutional investors.

The set-up of EFSI investment platforms is flexible. Both public and private actors can establish such platforms (they typically also provide part of the financing), with the legal form and the financing structure to be determined depending on the projects' needs and the main investors' interests (managed account, co-investment agreement, Special Purpose Vehicle, etc.).

The Advisory Hub can give specific advice to structure investment platforms. Advanced projects can apply directly to the EIB Group for EFSI financing for a Platform.

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Combining EFSI with other EU funds

Combining EFSI with other EU funds, in particular with European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds, can be a useful way to deliver additional investments for projects and regions with more difficulties in mobilising private investments. The Commission has already published concrete guidance on combining ESI Funds and the EFSI, and will continue to simplify further the overall framework to develop such combinations.

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