Energia peaks liikuma kõikjal ELis vabalt, ilma igasuguste tehniliste ja õiguslike takistusteta. Alles siis saavad energiatarnijad vabalt konkureerida ja tagada parimad energiahinnad ning Euroopa saab täielikult rakendada oma taastuvenergia potentsiaali.

  • New energy market design

    New energy market design

    Achieving the EU's Energy Union goals will require a fundamental transformation of Europe's electricity system, including the redesign of the European electricity market. A public consultation was launched by the Commission to meet consumers' expectations and deliver real benefits.

  • Empowering energy consumers

    Empowering energy consumers

    A new deal for energy consumers recognises the need for Europeans to be at the core of the Energy Union. It aims to help consumers save money and energy through better information, create a wider choice of energy providers, and maintain the highest level of consumer protection. Consumers need to have the chance to be just as well-informed and empowered as energy buyers and sellers. And they should be able to generate and consume their own energy under fair conditions - saving money and helping the environment.

  • Helping energy cross borders

    Helping energy cross borders

    Investing in infrastructure that connects countries will make energy flow, improve energy security, lessen dependency on imports and prepare networks for renewable energy.