More modest on small things

In President Juncker's political guidelines, the basis on which the Commission was elected by the EU Parliament, he said: "I want a European Union that is bigger and more ambitious on big things, and smaller and more modest on small things".

The Commission's 2018 work programme is continuing to put this approach into practice by setting out a limited number of targeted legislative actions to complete the Commission's work in the 10 priority policy areas. These will all be tabled by early spring 2018 to allow the European Parliament and Council to complete the legislative work before the European elections of June 2019. The Work Programme also presents a number of ambitious actions and initiatives that have a more forward-looking perspective, as the new Union of 27 shapes its own future for 2025 and beyond.

Better regulation is a way of working to ensure:

  • transparency throughout the process
  • evidence always informs policy and law-making
  • citizens and stakeholders are involved


The Commission carries out planning and assesses the expected and actual impacts of taking action, at every stage of the decision-making cycle.

Strengthening preparation

The Commission is inviting stakeholders and citizens to contribute throughout the process.

Improving consultation

The existing body of EU legislation is being managed more actively, to avoid overburdening the people or organisations who comply with it. Existing EU laws are being reviewed and simplified.

Making sure EU laws are fit for purpose

The 3 EU institutions are working together more closely. An agreement between the Commission, Parliament and Council to improve the quality of law-making was signed in April 2016.

Increasing cooperation

The Commission has set up a Regulatory Scrutiny Board to strengthen the quality control of its impact assessment and evaluation work.

Ensuring quality



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