The Commission has proposed comprehensive EU rules and unprecedented financial and operational support to better manage migration in Europe. It is part of a comprehensive approach that

  • protects the EU's external borders
  • reforms the EU's asylum rules to cut out abuse and stop secondary movements
  • breaks up smuggling and trafficking networks
  • works closer with non-EU countries to curb irregular migration while ensuring safe and legal pathways

EU leaders looked at progress made so far and the measures still needed to secure a balanced and responsible EU migration policy, underpinned by solidarity between EU countries. 

A snapshot of the EU border agency

Infographic on EU border agency figures

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Internal security

The Commission has put forward a number of draft laws to tighten security rules across Europe. Many of these are still waiting to be adopted, such as on:

  • fighting cross border crime and terrorism – offline and online 
  • improving how information is exchanged in the EU
  • cybersecurity and interference in elections

In their discussion on internal security, EU leaders called for greater effort in turning those draft laws into reality.

The Commission's approach to cybersecurity

Infographic on cybersecurity efforts

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