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Who manages the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD) Guarantee programmes?

The Plan's main financial arm is the EFSD Guarantee. It includes a guarantee for entities such as development banks that are entrusted by the European Commission to manage EU resources. These entities will manage individual operations covered by the EFSD Guarantee.

Interested in taking part?

There are two ways to do so:

1. Send the description of your proposals to The Commission will keep it confidential and:

  • share your descriptions with the relevant entities and other partners as needed.
  • ask them to get in touch with you directly for further follow-up.

2. Contact the entrusted entities directly.

The EU has allocated €1.54 billion from the EFSD Guarantee to support 28 guarantee programmes. Please see in the factsheet below the contact details of the partners running each programme.

Additionally, you can meet the EIP Team and entrusted financial entities at one of our outreach activities and events.


Please contact the Secretariat of the External Investment Plan and its One-stop-shop: