Latest milestones

EIP factograph

The EU is on track to achieve its target by 2020 of:

  • investing €4.5 billion through the External Investment Plan
  • thereby leveraging €44 billion in investment.

It is doing so through the new European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD) - the main financial arm of the EU External Investment Plan – which comprises a guarantee and blending.

Progress with the guarantee

  • The total budget for the Guarantee is €1.54 billion.
  • The EU has now allocated the entire amount to 28 guarantees
  • These are expected to leverage €17.5 billion in investment. 
  • The EU has also signed the first guarantee agreement  with a partner financial institution; more will follow in early 2019.

Progress with Blending

  • The total budget for EIP blending programmes in Africa and the EU Neighbourhood is €3 billion.
  • Of this the EU has so far allocated €2.2 billion.
  • This is expected to leverage €19.6 billion in investment.

The EFSD Operational Reports give full details of the blending programmes and allocated EFSD Guarantees.

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EIP State of Play

How the External Investment Plan funds projects and operations

The EFSD is the financial arm of the EU External Investment Plan.

It comprises:

  • blending - the EU's existing so-called 'blending' programmes (€3 billion budget), which mix loans and grants
  • guarantee - a dedicated financial guarantee (€1.54 billion budget)

The guarantee can:

  • attract financing for some of the initial capital ('equity' or 'risk capital') a project needs to get off the ground
  • serve as a pledge (guarantee) to pay back part or all of a loan if a borrower incurs losses and default on it