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  • Visit to ERCC
    Published by Janez Lenarčič21 June 2021

    Preparing for the 2021 forest fire season

    Forest fires pose a significant disaster risk to the whole of Europe as well as to other parts of the world. They damage ecosystems, destroy woodlands and devastate the lives of many of our citizens. Over the past couple of years, fires have ravaged hundreds of forests and ruined thousands of protected sites across the length and breadth of the European Union. But amid worrying forecasts, 2021 may prove to be the most devastating yet.
  • Launching of the Global Food Crisis Report 2021
    Published by Janez Lenarčič5 May 2021

    There is no place for hunger in the twenty-first century

    Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, an equally grave threat to the lives of millions of people is mounting — famine.
  • Published by Ylva Johansson14 May 2020

    Getting Europe moving again: gradually, phased and coordinated

    We’ve now had about eight weeks of corona measures in Europe. People are bearing the lockdown with resolution, determination and responsibility. But people who have lost their jobs, their income – they want to work again. And everyone is starting to feel a little cabin fever. People want to get out of their houses, go shopping, get a badly needed haircut, and above all, see friends and family. Children want to go to school again and see their friends.
  • Published by Ylva Johansson5 May 2020

    Making Europe safe for all: fighting crime, terrorism, online, together

    People want security for themselves and for their children. It’s true in normal times, and it’s true in Corona times. Security starts with the day-to-day fight against crime and terrorism by Europol and national law enforcement bodies, who are now cracking down on an epidemic of corona-related crime.
  • Published by Ylva Johansson7 April 2020

    Fighting corona-crime and cyber-crime

    While we are all adapting to fight corona, criminals are adjusting too.