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"Net neutrality" is really about high bandwidth uses of the internet. When Sir Berners-Lee says "In effect, they [internet providers] can become gatekeepers - able to handpick winners and the losers in the market and to favour their own sites, services and platforms over those of others." he is ignoring the fact that any sites or services can be embedded and completely hidden in higher bandwidth streams.

The exception is high bandwidth streaming video. That is because there is no higher bandwidth content to hide it in. In fact all attempts to "block, throttle, or otherwise restrict legal content and services" are made against streaming video in order to preserve bandwidth for other users. However if someone wanted to watch any particular video they could get around any restrictions by obtaining the video in non-streaming form through a service like Tor. Against the claims that ISPs could block Tor, many authoritarian governments like China attempt that and mostly fail.

It is a valid idea is to allow the ISPs to throttle content that excessively burdens the network, and "net neutrality" would prohibit that.

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