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Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
  • Head of Cabinet

    Marius Vaščega

    • Strategy, Management and overall coordination of the Cabinet
    • Relations with President's and Executive Vice-Presidents’ cabinets
    • Strategic inter-institutional issues
    • Management of senior staff
    • Management of special advisers
    • Commissioners’ group ‘European Green Deal’
    • Relations with I.D.E.A.
    • Relations with Lithuania
    Photo of Marius Vescega Cabinet Sinkevicius
  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Carmen Preising

    • Deputising for the Head of Cabinet
    • Management of support staff
    • Strategy coordination DG MARE
    • Strategy coordination DG ENV
    • Group for inter-institutional relations (GRI)
    • Coordination of relations with the European Parliament and the Council, incl. Environment Council
    • Commission Work Programme, Better Regulation and Foresight
    • Relations with the European Court of Auditors


    • Implementation and evaluation of the Common Fisheries Programme
    • Fisheries Mediterranean and Black Sea
    • Future Partnership Agreement with the UK
    • LIFE programme


    • Budget and Administration
    • Inter-institutional Relations and Foresight
    • Values and transparency, including relevant Commissioners’ group
    • Relations with Romania, Spain and Portugal
  • Cabinet Expert

    Eglantine Cujo



    • International Ocean Governance
    • International Governance: 2021 Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
    • Global sustainable development
    • Action against global deforestation
    • International sustainable fisheries (with ARP)
    • Zero tolerance approach towards IUU
    • Group of External Coordination (EXCO)
    • Compliance and enforcement - infringements


    • A Stronger Europe in the world, including relevant Commissioners’ group
    • Trade
    • International Partnerships
    • Justice
    • Relations with France, Luxembourg
    Eglantine Cujo
  • Member of Cabinet

    Camilla Bursi



    • Implementation of the EU-Biodiversity Strategy for 2030: Biodiversity and Nature Protection

    • Zero Pollution Ambition for a toxic-free environment

    • Clean Water, Clean Air and Industrial emissions and safety

    • Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

    • Empowering women in fisheries and environmental policies

    • Relations with the Ombudsman


    • Climate action
    • Transport
    • Health
    • Relations with Italy, Croatia and Slovenia
    Camilla Bursi
  • Member of Cabinet

    Ruben Schuster



    • Global agreement to ban fisheries subsidies
    • Arctic Policy
    • New approach for a sustainable Blue Economy, incl. contribution to Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy
    • Contribution of blue economy to decarbonisation
    • Maritime Security
    • Marine Environment
    • Relations with European Economic and Social Committee/Committee of the Regions
    • Relations with national Parliaments


    • Neighbourhood and Enlargement
    • Innovation Research, Culture, Education and Youth
    • Europe fit for the Digital Age, including relevant Commissioners’ group
    • Competition
    • Relations with Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia
    Ruben Schuster
  • Member of Cabinet

    Rozalina Petrova



    • Implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan
    • Sustainable Products, Consumption and Production
    • Revision of the EU Batteries Directive
    • Waste Management and secondary materials

    • Water Industry

    • Plastic Free Oceans

    • 8th Environmental Action Programme

    • European Semester

    • Relations with European Environment Agency


    • Jobs and Social Rights
    • Internal Market
    • Economy that works for people, including relevant Commissioners' group
    • Relations with Bulgaria, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland
  • Member of Cabinet

    Agné Razmislavičiūtė-Palioniene



    • Fisheries Policy Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic Sea and Outermost Regions, including TAC & Quota negotiations

    • International sustainable fisheries

    • Fostering an ecosystem approach in the Baltic Sea

    • Implementation of the Farm to Fork Initiative

    • Revision of the EMFF Regulation

    • Relations with Council (Fisheries)

    • Fisheries Control and relations with the European Fisheries Control Agency

    • Land-use and management, incl. EU Forests Strategy


    • Agriculture

    • Food safety

    • Energy

    • Cohesion and Reform

    • Relations with Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

    Agne Razmilaviciute-palioniene
  • Media and Communication Adviser

    Egidijus Jurgelionis



    • Communication and information strategy
    • Relations with SPP
    • Relations with Lithuanian media
    • Relations with non-Lithuanian media
    • Articles, blogs, video recordings and speeches
    • Relations with DG MARE's and DG ENV's communication teams



    • Crisis management

    • Home affairs

    • Democracy and demography

    Egidijus Jurgelionis
  • Policy Assistant

    Styliani Karavazaki



    • Social media accounts
    • Communication and information strategy
    • Relations with DG MARE's and DG ENV's communication teams
    • Citizens' Dialogues
    • Commissioner's visits to Member States
    • Petitions
    • Commissioner’s website


    • Equality
    • Promoting our European Way of life, including Commissioners’ group
    • Relations with Greece, Cyprus and Malta
    Styliani Karavazaki
  • Assistant to the Commissioner

    Rūta Čiurlioniené

    •  Planning of Commissioner’s agenda
    • Coordination of Commissioner’s correspondence and follow up
    • Briefing coordination
    • Relations with the Commission Protocol
    • Patronage requests
    • Relations with the Lithuanian community
    • Ethics and Transparency
    Ruta Ciurlioniene
  • Assistant to Marius Vaščega

    Aleksandra Žagar

    Aleksandra Zagar
  • Assistant to Carmen Preising and Eglantine Cujo

    Maria Cotan

  • Assistant to Camilla Bursi

    Simona Kotsaridis

    Simona Kotsaridis
  • Assistant to Ruben Schuster and Rozalina Petrova

    Henrikas Grigutis

    Henrikas Grigutis
  • Assistant to A. Razmislavičiūtė-Palioniene, E. Jurgelionis, S. Karavazaki.

    Monika Žebuolyté

    Monika Zebuolyte
  • Document Management Officer

    Regina Slapsyte

    • Document management
    • Archives
    Regina Slapsyte
  • National Expert on Professional Training (NEPT)

    Catharina Jahn

  • Blue Book trainee

    Zivile Kairyte