Speech by Commissioner Kadri Simson

EU Sustainable Energy Week

2020 Awards Ceremony


Good morning!

I want to welcome everybody who has connected for this year’s Awards ceremony.

To all of our nominees: I am sorry that there is no red carpet and champagne! This is the first awards ceremony that I have attended where the participants are drinking coffee in their bedrooms and not shaking hands with their competitors!

But, nonetheless, I want you to know that we are very excited to celebrate your excellent and innovative work on energy efficiency and renewables.

We will soon find out who will win this year’s top sustainable energy prize in the categories of Innovation, Engagement and Youth.

We will present to you nine finalists, who have been selected from 120 amazing applicants. Each of the projects has ticked three boxes:

  • They have the potential for high social acceptance;
  • They have the potential to inspire and motivate citizens to change their energy usage habits;
  • and they have the potential to help Europe reach climate-neutrality by 2050.

We will also announce three winners in the new award category for ‘Women in Energy’, showcasing their potential to inspire change, and to motivate other women to pursue careers in sustainable energy.

We have also included the Eastern Partnership Award for the second time this year to recognise sustainable energy front-runners in our neighbourhood, and enlarge the sustainable energy community.

And I am especially looking forward to announcing the winner of the Citizens’ Award, voted on by the public.

As we move beyond this crisis period, the European Union must build a green and resilient future, and the energy sector will be a corner-stone of the recovery.

So, climate and energy innovators, today, more than ever, we need your creativity, your expertise and your dreams to build that climate positive future.

So let us now get on with the ceremony.

And to all the nominees: good luck!