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Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
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  • Head of Cabinet

    Geneviève Tuts

    • Management of the Cabinet
    • Strategic inter-institutional issues (European Parliament, European Council, Council, Court of Justice)
    • Relations with the office of the President and Executive Vice-President
    • Senior staff matters
    • Preparatory meetings for the College of Commissioners (Hebdo)
    • Coordination on the rule of law
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  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Isabelle Pérignon



    • Deputising for the Head of Cabinet
    • Inter-institutional relations and Group for Inter-institutional Relations (GRI)
    • Coordination of consumer policy
    • Relations with the EU Council of Ministers
    • Commission Work Programme and Better Regulation
    • Criminal justice, including its external dimension (EPPO, e-evidence, European Arrest Warrant, procedural and victims’ rights)
    • Relations with EUROJUST
    • Judicial training and e-justice
    • Coordination of civil and commercial justice
    • Management of support staff



    • Human resources regulations
    • Strategic foresight
    • Relations with the United Kingdom
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  • Cabinet Expert

    Luc De Lobel



    • Internal audit (Internal Audit Service and Audit Progress Committee)
    • External Policy Co-ordination (EXCO)



    • Anti-fraud (OLAF)
    • International Partnerships and Development (INTPA)
    • A Stronger Europe in the World (EEAS)
    • Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management (ECHO)
    • ​​​​Budget, including long-term budget (MFF) (BUDG)
    • Taxation and Customs (TAXUD)
    • Defence and Space (DEFIS)
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  • Member of Cabinet

    Joachim Herrmann



    • Rule of law
    • Fundamental rights and citizenship
    • Relations with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
    • Relations with the Council of Europe and other international organisations



    • Economic policy co-ordination/European Semester
    • Economic and financial affairs (ECFIN)
    • Financial services (FISMA)
    • Home affairs and Promoting our European Way of Life (HOME)
    • International partnerships and development (INTPA)
    • Neighbourhood and enlargement (NEAR)
    • Humanitarian aid and crisis management (ECHO)
    • Trade
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  • Member of cabinet

    Lucrezia Busa



    • Digital agenda
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Data protection, including its external dimension
    • Contract law and company law (except family law)
    • Legal affairs
    • Infringements



    • Competition
    • Innovation and youth (CNECT et EAC)
    • Research, science and innovation (RTD)
    • Internal market and industrial policy (GROW)
    • Democracy and demography
    • Conference on the Future of Europe
    • Values and transparency
    • Legal Service
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  • Member of Cabinet/Communication Adviser

    David Marechal

    • Communication strategy
    • Commissioner’s website and internal communication
    • Events organisation
    • Relations with civil society
    • Organisation of debates on EU, including the Future of Europe
    • Social media
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  • Policy Assistant

    Guillaume Mercier

    • Communication strategy
    • Relations with the Spokesperson’s Service
    • Relations with DG JUST Communication Unit
    • Communication in relation with the Council and European Parliament
    • Social media

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  • Policy Coordinator/Personal Assistant

    Clarisse Albert

    • Cabinet administration
    • Visitors groups
    • Protocol
    • Petitions
    • Human resources
    • Contact Belgium
    • Equality (back-up)
    • Trainees
    • Relations with the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium
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  • Political Assistant

    Ludovic Pierre



    • Relations with the European Parliament
    • Relations with national parliaments
    • Relations with the Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee
    • Petitions
    • Relations with the Ombudsman
    • Rule of law (back-up)



    • Health and food safety (SANTE)
    • Agriculture and rural development (AGRI)
    • Cohesion and reforms (REGIO)
    • Maritime affairs and fisheries (MARE)
    • Equality
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  • Political Assistant

    Bénédicte Van Ormelingen



    • Family law
    • Consumer policy
    • Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA)



    • European Green Deal
    • Climate (CLIMA)
    • Environment (ENV)
    • Energy (ENER)
    • Transport (MOVE)
    • Jobs (EMPL)
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  • Assistant to the Commissioner

    Shun Hua Wang

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  • Assistant to the Head of Cabinet

    Louise Johnson

    • Network of Presidents: mail contact point
    • Cabinet budget
    • Local security officer
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  • Assistant to the Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Martina Kuderova

    • Ethics and transparency: contact point
    • Local Security Officer (back-up)
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  • Assistant to Cabinet Expert and Political Assistants

    Lauriane Pierrard

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  • Assistant to Lucrezia Busa and Joachim Herrmann

    Thuc-Diem Le Tat

    Thuc-Diem Le Tat Assistant
  • Document Management Officer

    Sonia Silva Capitao

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