Check Against Delivery


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many thanks for inviting me to open your annual conference, which this year looks forward to a new era in cancer care.

With Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan we, too, are looking to the future. It is our commitment to decisively help prevent cancer and curb its impact.

I know perfectly well how crucially important cancer nurses are in delivering safe and high-quality prevention and care.

You play a key role in each step of a patient’s pathway, mine included. And this when it comes to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care; and also as survivorship guides.

That is why the Cancer Plan supports dedicated cancer care professionals like you.  

It does so, for example, through the Inter-specialty cancer training programme that will help health professionals get training and continuous education to keep updating their skills during their working lives.

I am very happy that the first call for projects and joint actions to implement the Cancer Plan includes an action grant for this training programme. It will help build a stronger multidisciplinary cancer workforce to optimise collaboration among cancer specialists, including cancer nurses.

So this call for projects may be of special interest to the European Oncology Nursing Society.

Many actions are being put in motion, across all pillars of the Cancer Plan.

The other three on-going action grants in this first call concern:

  • the set-up of the EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors;
  • a project on the quality and safety of radiation technology in diagnosing and treating cancer; and
  • the update of the European Cancer Information System.

In addition, we will launch joint actions to support Member States on human papillomavirus vaccination, to set up a Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres, and also to boost e-health.

A second call will also follow after the summer.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the meantime, our efforts to beat cancer go on, in partnership with Member States and also with you and your fellow stakeholders in the different implementation groups we have set up.

That is because the Plan’s success depends on strong collective commitment from us all.

The European Oncology Nursing Society has been a trusted ally in the fight against cancer. During the pandemic, you have shown your professionalism and dedication in reassuring patients and making sure that check-ups, screenings and treatment continue.

Now that we have set the Cancer Plan in motion, we are stepping up that fight. I know that we can continue relying on you and your members for support.

Together, we can fight for better cancer survival rates – and for a better quality of life for cancer patients and survivors.

I wish you every success with today’s conference.

Thank you.