The European Commission is aware of the actions of Russian authorities against Lithuanian judges, prosecutors and investigators involved in the investigation of the tragic events in Vilnius on 13 January 1991, which run counter to Russia’s commitments under international law.

  • The European Commission fully rejects any false claims that attempt to distort the history or paint the victims as perpetrators. The Commission stands in full solidarity with Lithuania, the Lithuanian people and its independent judiciary.
  • Any attack against the judiciary of an EU Member State is an attack against the rule of law in the European Union as a whole.
  • Let me be clear: Interpol’s Red Notice system should not be misused for political purposes. In the event of the Russian government issuing such notice, you can count on the European Commission to mitigate any negative effects on the persons involved.
  • I would support a political commitment whereby the competent authorities of the 26 Member States promptly notify Lithuania in case of arrest warrants and extradition requests of the concerned persons by the Russian government.
  • Liberty, Democracy, Rule of law, Freedom of Expression are the foundations of the European Union and we will defend them against any external interference.