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Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
  • Head of Cabinet

    Åsa Webber

    Asa Webber
    • Strategy, management and coordination of the Cabinet
    • Overall policy coordination
    • Senior personnel matters
    • Staff allocation
  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Tom Snels

    Tom Snels
    • Deputising for the Head of Cabinet
    • Legal Affairs
    • Anti-fraud/OLAF
    • Human resources
    • Ethics
    • Audit

    Areas of responsibility

    • Security Union
    • External border management
    • European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX)
    • European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice (eu-LISA)
    • Information systems for migration, borders and security
    • Criminal justice in cyberspace (incl. e-evidence, encryption and data retention)

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight
    • Fundamental Rights
    • Council of Europe
    • Brexit and relations with the UK
    • Trade
    • Relations with the EU Council of Ministers
    • Inter-institutional Relations Group (GRI)
  • Member of Cabinet

    Alexandra Cupsan-Catalin

    Alexandra Cupsan Catalin

    Areas of responsibilities

    • Coordination of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum
    • Irregular Migration and Return Policy
    • Asylum
    • European Asylum Support Office (EASO)
    • Schengen
    • Legal pathways
    • Integration of migrants
    • Migration management support
    • Gender strategy
    • Infringements
    • Innovation and migration

    Non portfolio responsibilities

    • Promoting our European Way of Life
    • Education, culture, youth and sports
    • Public health
    • Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour mobility
    • Internal Market
    • Climate and Migration
    • Rule of Law
    • Deputising for the Group for External Coordination (EXCO)
  • Member of Cabinet

    Raül Hernández Sagrera

    Raul Hernandez Sagrera

    Areas of responsibility

    • External dimension of Migration and Security
    • Visa policy
    • Readmission of irregular migrants
    • Relations with the United States and Canada
    • Relations with Turkey
    • External relations – Financial support
    • United Nations
    • International Organization for Migration

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • A Stronger Europe in the World
    • Neighbourhood and Western Balkans  
    • Crisis Management
    • International partnerships
    • Group for External Coordination (EXCO)
  • Member of Cabinet

    Monika Maglione

    Monika Maglione

    Areas of responsibility

    • Internal Security
    • European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol)
    • European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL)
    • European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)
    • Cyber crime
    • Counter-terrorism, victims of terrorism
    • Organised crime
    • Firearms and explosives
    • Operational police cooperation
    • Financial crime and terrorism financing
    • EU Internet Forum, radicalisation
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Anti-trafficking policy
    • Drugs policy

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • Europe fit for the Digital Age
    • Defence
    • Hybrid threats
    • Cybersecurity
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Deputising on the Interinstitutional Relations Group (GRI)
  • Member of Cabinet / Communication Advisor

    Brian Synnott

    Brian Synnott

    Areas of responsibility

    • Communication Strategy
    • Relations with Media
    • Relations with SPP
    • Social Media
    • Audio-visual
    • Relations with Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee
    • European Border and Coast Guard Agency recruitment strategy

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • European Green Deal
    • Democracy and Demography
    • Environment, oceans and fisheries
    • Transport, energy and climate action
    • Food safety, animal and plant health
    • Conference on the Future of Europe
    • Tackling online disinformation
  • Policy Assistant

    Johan Floderus

    Johan Floderus

    Areas of responsibility

    • Preparation of file for the College of Commissioners
    • Migration and Security Funds
    • Patronage
    • Petitions
    • Contact point on data protection
    • Visitors

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • Long-term EU budget (MFF)
    • Budgetary issues
    • Competition: State aid, antitrust, mergers
  • Policy Assistant

    Morella Siemers

    Morella Siemers

    Areas of responsibility

    • Preparation of file for the College of Commissioners
    • Relations with the European Parliament
    • Relations with national parliaments
    • Relations with European Court of Auditors
    • Coordination of parliamentary questions

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • Justice, consumers and gender equality
    • Citizenship
    • Europe for Citizens
  • Personal Assistant to the Commissioner

    Anna Helsen

    Anna Helsen

    Areas of responsibility

    • Strategic Communications
    • Anti-corruption
    • Transparency matters
    • Access to documents
    • Communication and Relations with the Swedish press
    • Relations with the Ombudsman
    • Research Executive Agency (REA)

    Non-portfolio responsibilities

    • Values and Transparency
    • An Economy that works for People
    • Economic governance
    • Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs
    • Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
    • Cohesion and reforms
    • Research and innovation
    • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • Assistant to the Commissioner

    Cecilia Sena Da Silva

    Cecilia Sena da silva
  • Administrative assistant / Assistant to Åsa WEBBER

    Charlotta Wennerlund

    Charlotta Wennerlund
  • Assistant to Tom SNELS

    Marijana Dujmovic

    Marijana Dujmovic
  • Assistant to Alexandra CUPSAN-CATALIN and Raul HERNANDEZ SAGRERA

    Petya Dimitrova

    Petya Dimitrova
  • Assistant to Anna HELSEN, Brian SYNNOTT and Johan FLODERUS

    Karlota Dumitru

    Karlota Dumitru
  • Assistant to Monika MAGLIONE and Morella SIEMERS

    Cidalia Santos

    Cidalia Santos
  • Document Management Officer

    Anssi Salmela

    Anssi Salmela
  • Driver

    Ricardo Lamarti Andres

  • Driver

    Dimitrios Akritidis