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Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
  • Head of Cabinet

    Adrienn Király

    • Cabinet management, strategy and policy coordination
    • Senior personnel matters
    • Strategic inter-institutional and international relations
    • Relations with President’s Vice-President’s cabinets
    • Relations with the Secretariat General, the Legal Service and I.D.E.A.
    • Relations with DGs RTD, EAC and JRC
  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Chiara Salvelli



    • Group of Inter-institutional relations (GRI)
    • Relations with the European Court of Auditors, Petitions, Ombudsman
    • Relations with national parliaments
    • Relations with the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions
    • Agencies (REA, ERCEA and EACEA)


    • Employment and Social affairs
    • Internal market, Industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs
    • Justice and Home Affairs
  • Cabinet Expert

    Dara Murphy



    • European Research Council
    • European Innovation Council
    • Innovation and European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
    • Higher Education, Academic Research and Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)
    • Health Planet
    • Clean Planet
    • Brexit and relations with the UK
    • Science in Society

    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Budget, including long-term budget
    • European Green Deal
    • Energy, climate and environment policy
    • Transport
  • Member of Cabinet

    Maria Koleva



    • Relations with the EU Council of Ministers
    • Education, school and teachers
    • Digital education
    • Women in Science
    • Horizon Europe programme
    • Erasmus programme
    • Industrial policies

    Non-portfolio :

    • Neighbourhood and enlargement
    • Digital Single Market
    • Agriculture policy
    • Cohesion  and regional policy
    • Infringements
    • Gender equality
  • Member of Cabinet

    Guglielmo Di Cola



    • Relations with the European Parliament
    • International research cooperation and science diplomacy
    • Culture policy, Creative Industries and the Creative Europe programme
    • Sports policy


    • External Relations and Trade policy
    • International partnerships
    • Defence and security
    • Focal point for the UN and its agencies
  • Communications Assistant

    Kristina Krusteva

    • Liaison with the Bulgarian media
    • Social media in Bulgarian
    • Events of the Commissioner in Bulgaria
  • Policy Assistant

    Snezhina Petrova

  • Assistant to the Commissioner

    Dorina Byanova

  • Assistant to the Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Anne Lukaszczyk

  • Assistant to Adrienn Király

    Agathe Giakoumakis

  • Assistant to the Commissioner

    Lisete Quental

  • Assistant to Dara Murphy and Guglielmo Di Cola

    Patricia Speybrouck

  • Assistant to Johannnes Bahrke and Maria Koleva

    Vanessa Vanhumbeeck

  • Documents, Management Officer/Archives

    Radmila Nedeva

  • Driver

    Thierry De Avalos

  • Driver

    Georgios Kekatos