This morning, 18 December, the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached a political agreement, revising the EU waste legislation to pave the way for a more circular economy. The EU co-legislators have reached an agreement on the Commission's proposal from December 2015, on four legislative proposals addressing waste, packaging waste, landfill and electrical and electronic waste. Commissioner Vella welcomed the agreement:


"This weekend Europe took one big step towards the circular economy.


Congratulations to Simona Bonafè for the European Parliament and to the Estonian Presidency for the Council on reaching agreement on substantial improvements in European waste legislation.


Modernising our European waste legislation will drive efforts of Member States to cut the amount of waste we generate, to reduce the materials we bury and burn, and to increase re-use and recycling. The deal reached this morning will strengthen our "waste hierarchy" by placing prevention, re-use and recycling clearly above landfilling and incineration. This agreement will make our economies more resource efficient, create jobs and reduce impacts on the environment and resource depletion.


In circular and low-carbon economies it makes no sense to send our waste to landfill. That's why I am delighted that we helped the European Parliament and Member States to agree on reducing landfill and a target for recycling our waste by 2035.


I'm really happy the agreement also includes specific targets for recycling packaging materials. The new 2030 target for plastic packaging will greatly contribute to reducing marine pollution and to achieving Europe's commitments under the UN Sustainable Development Goals."