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  • On Myanmar and Cambodia
    Published by Cecilia Malmström5 October 2018

    On Myanmar and Cambodia

    I'm in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria, where we have had an informal Ministerial meeting today. The way forward as regards the much-needed reform of the World Trade Organisation was high on our agenda, as was our trade relationship with the United States.
  • Reviewing our trade agreements
    Published by Cecilia Malmström9 November 2017

    Reviewing our trade agreements

    I just returned from a few days in one of the EU's closest neighbours, Moldova. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I was there to take stock of the three years that have passed since our Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (or DCFTA) was put in place.
  • Trade with African, Caribbean & Pacific countries – putting partnerships into practice
    Published by Cecilia Malmström17 October 2017

    Trade with African, Caribbean & Pacific countries – putting partnerships into practice

    Today, I am returning from Pretoria in South Africa, where I have been celebrating that it is one year since the entry into force of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and countries in the Southern African Development Community. On Monday, I got the chance to speak with over 150 civil society organisations at a civil society forum about the experiences of the trade deal so far.
  • CETA - making it work for your business
    Published by Cecilia Malmström3 October 2017

    CETA - making it work for your business

    A couple of weeks ago a new EU-Canada trade agreement, known as CETA, came into force. If you're involved in a business that already exports to Canada, or is considering doing so, it's time to crack open the champagne.
  • Alliance with Japan
    Published by Cecilia Malmström12 July 2017

    Alliance with Japan

    For the past week or so, everything has been about Japan. Yesterday, I met with the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade and participated in the EU-Japan Business Summit in Brussels, to present to them the political agreement that we have reached with Japan on an Economic Partnership between us.
  • Our responsibility to promote LGBTI rights
    Published by Cecilia Malmström28 June 2017

    Our responsibility to promote LGBTI rights

    Last night, I had the honour to be one of the speakers at the "European Equality Gala" organised by ILGA-Europe. It was truly inspiring to meet so many people who fight for equal rights and against discrimination. Commissioners Oettinger and Bienkowska also came to celebrate.
  • Trade, empowering women
    Published by Cecilia Malmström20 June 2017

    Trade, empowering women

    The EU is committed to gender equality and sustainable development. These values are in our DNA, in our founding principles, and they should be a natural part of our trade policy as well. For me, trade is about being open: About broadening horizons and opportunities, about bringing down barriers and empowering people. That means that we want more women involved in the labour market here in Europe, and we want to support women's economic independence around the world.
  • Talking globalisation in Paris
    Published by Cecilia Malmström8 June 2017

    Talking globalisation in Paris

    How can we shape and respond to globalisation? This question has become increasingly important as today, local issues are increasingly global and vice versa. We now see an ongoing vivid and welcome public debate about the effects and causes of globalisation.
  • Good discussions with civil society
    Published by Cecilia Malmström31 May 2017

    Good discussions with civil society

    Getting EU trade policy right means listening to as wide a range of views as possible. That's why I keep my door as open as possible, so that those who want can meet me or one of my staff. Another way through which we're able to listen and engage is a process of regular dialogue that we've set up with civil society groups. So far, over 450 groups have registered to take part, and we convene regular meetings throughout the year.
  • Strengthening ties to Japan in uncertain times
    Published by Cecilia Malmström11 April 2017

    Strengthening ties to Japan in uncertain times

    The 18th round of negotiations on a trade agreement between the EU and Japan took place in Tokyo last week. This was the first round of talks since the leaders' meeting in March between President Juncker, President Tusk and Prime Minister Abe, where they all affirmed our commitment to conclude these negotiations as early as possible this year. At the round last week, all issues to be covered by the agreement were discussed, working towards narrowing the remaining gaps between us.
  • Seeing Singapore, talking trade
    Published by Cecilia Malmström8 March 2017

    Seeing Singapore, talking trade

    Today, I've visited the world's busiest transshipment port. Every year, here at the port of Singapore, enough cargo containers are handled to reach halfway to the moon. Coming from a port city myself - Gothenburg, on the West coast of Sweden - I've seen my fair share of shipping, but this was truly in a league of its own. Impressive.
  • EU and Indonesia talks move on
    Published by Cecilia Malmström26 January 2017

    EU and Indonesia talks move on

    The trade dynamics of the world are changing rapidly. This week, US President Donald Trump announced that the US would not be joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  • Trade and development – how EU commercial policy helps fight poverty overseas
    Published by Cecilia Malmström24 January 2017

    Trade and development – how EU commercial policy helps fight poverty overseas

    I am committed to the idea that trade should support our European values. And among the most important of those values is our commitment to support sustainable growth in the developing world - helping the least fortunate on the planet achieve the kind of lifestyles and livelihoods we've come to take for granted in Europe.
  • In Davos, discussing investment disputes
    Published by Cecilia Malmström19 January 2017

    In Davos, discussing investment disputes

    Yesterday, I travelled to Davos in Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. I'm here in this extraordinary setting, in the midst of the Swiss Alps, to discuss the future of global trade and investment policy. Davos is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and to hear different perspectives on the global issues facing us all.
  • TTIP assessment and pause
    Published by Cecilia Malmström18 January 2017

    TTIP assessment and pause

    This week we have published, together with the US, a joint assessment outlining the progress we have made since the negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) began in July of 2013.
  • On the right track – bringing trade relations with Mexico up to speed
    Published by Cecilia Malmström14 December 2016

    On the right track – bringing trade relations with Mexico up to speed

    In the world of global trade, circumstances can change very quickly and it is important that the European Union is well equipped and able to adapt to new realities. This requires us to be proactive and work hard with our partners to ensure that our trade agreements can continue to deliver in the areas of jobs creation and economic growth, despite the many challenges that come with a constantly changing environment.
  • Food for thought: EU farming and the global opportunity
    Published by Cecilia Malmström8 December 2016

    Food for thought: EU farming and the global opportunity

    Today I am talking trade with European farmers, following my helpful discussion last week with the European Parliament's agriculture committee on the global opportunities for that sector. And tomorrow, I'm taking part in the Joint Ministerial Trade Council of the EU and the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States. So, today, a long blog post on what EU trade policy means for farmers – those who produce and process the food we eat and export.
  • Signing trade agreement with Ecuador
    Published by Cecilia Malmström11 November 2016

    Signing trade agreement with Ecuador

    In today's Foreign Affairs Council, I met with trade ministers to discuss the modernisation of our Trade Defense Instruments. I also provided my colleagues with updates on the negotiations related to the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) and the latest negotiation rounds with Japan and Mercosur.
  • Hard nut to crack – between openness and trade defence
    Published by Cecilia Malmström9 November 2016

    Hard nut to crack – between openness and trade defence

    First of all: The results of the US election are in, and the next President of the United States will be Donald Trump. As Presidents Juncker and Tusk wrote in a letter to the President-Elect this morning - "we should spare no effort to ensure that the ties that bind us remain strong and durable." Meanwhile, our work in other areas continues. Today, the Commission is presenting a proposal for a new method for calculating dumping.
  • Signing our trade agreement with Canada
    Published by Cecilia Malmström30 October 2016

    Signing our trade agreement with Canada

    So the day is finally here. Today, we are signing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade agreement at the summit between the EU and Canada. This agreement is an important achievement, for many reasons.