Q: On a paper by nine Member States talking about creating some sort of Vice-Prime Minister in Ukraine for EU integration. Is that an idea that you support?

A: This has been already discussed for a couple of months. This is up to the Ukrainians but the important is that also the country internally improve their coordination when it comes to work together with us. We have just reorganised the support for Ukraine. There is now a strong support by some Member States to assist them. They have presented a so called non-paper with a lot of ideas. I am supportive to that, provided that there is a clear decision on which countries doing what. First is once again fighting against corruption. It is also improving the customs system, the tax collection office has to be reorganised and everywhere is so to say an element of corruption which has to be addressed in order to attract foreign investors.

And when it comes to the implementation of DCFTA, we have to focus on the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Not only those that are in Ukraine, but also those who are interested to come to Ukraine.


Q: We had very good news on the news on visa liberalisation last year. But when is the proposal for both Georgia and Ukraine coming from the European Commission?

A: Concerning Ukraine there are still some commitments to be given by the President and also by the Prime Minister to be fulfilled that are outstanding. But we expect that we will receive very soon a report and then we will have an assessment in the course of the first quarter, I assume we will come forward with a proposal for visa liberalisation.