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First, I would like to recall where we started. I was in Skopje many times and we had many press conferences - usually during the night, though. It took us a long time, it was a long journey to arrive where we are.


It is indeed a historic day, today, and especially something the citizens of the future North Macedonia deserve: to get this opportunity of a clear Euro-Atlantic prospective. I am equally confident that in two weeks’ time the European Member States will give an adequate positive answer to this European prospective. And then of course we have to take the next steps, because while today is the end of a journey, it is also the beginning of a new one leading to the European integration.


On the opposition:I think that at the end of the day everybody will see, analysing the agreement: it is a good agreement, it is a real compromise. A good compromise is usually an agreement where everybody has to give in, in order to get something - so there is an added value for both sides


We are here in a fantastic landscape. We were already discussing with the two Prime Ministers and with the two Foreign Ministers what can be done in terms of developing this part of the Western Balkans more in terms of tourism etc. Don’t forget that also Albania has a border with this lake, so this agreement and the next steps will really contribute to a higher welfare level of the citizens here in the entire region. This is what counts!