Brussels, 3 May 2018


Check against delivery!


Dear Prime Minister, High representative, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Republic of Moldova has adopted and advanced with the implementation of a number of key reforms.

But considerable efforts are still required so that Moldova’s citizens can fully reap the benefits of the Association Agreement

During today's Association Council, we acknowledged the progress made by Moldova and at the same time underlined the need for continued structural reforms.

The 20 Deliverables for 2020, which were endorsed by our Eastern Partners at the last Eastern Partnership summit, provide practical guidance for the reform process. Moldova will make progress on these deliverables and this progress will have to be reported in the upcoming October Ministerial Meeting.

We also underlined that transparent, inclusive and credible elections at central and local level are of key importance.

We also stressed the importance of fighting against corruption, as underlined by the Council in its recent Conclusions on the Republic of Moldova. To this end, we stressed that investigations on the banking fraud need to be finalised in an impartial and comprehensive way and without any further delay and assets recovered.

In this context we recalled the need for the reform of the justice sector, to build trust among citizens. I would like to commend on the achievements on the judiciary reform, but more needs to be done

We reiterated our readiness to continue supporting Moldova in its reform path, with a view to ensuring tangible benefits for its citizens. We also recalled that EU assistance is based on strict conditionality.

To this respect, each payment of the macro-financial assistance will be subject to the policy measures included in the Memorandum of Understanding and the respect of political pre-conditions.

Lastly, on the outstanding payments of budget support, it will be crucial that Moldova fulfils its agreement with the International Monetary Fund, makes substantive progress on the fight against corruption and complies with democratic principles and human rights.


Thanks you!